Montag, 7. Dezember 2015

Tailorstage at the Slush Event (

We have been to the Slush event 2015. The event was again bigger - but hopefuly now it stays at this size, as it becomes to big already.

In general
I had a lot of meetings with different business partners and investors. But I had also enough time to listen to quite a few interesting talks about the media, green tech and ICT businesses. In one of their talks speakers mentioned the importance of B2B-businesses for startups, there are a lot of possibilities. I think it is a good event to get more insights and maybe to find new ideas what to develop or for whoch conmpany you could start to work.

Our learning from last year
This year was the 2nd time attending at Slush, and this year i was ḿuch better prepared than the years before. I didnt use the matchmaking tools to arrange my meetings, I only used it to see who is going to participate. To have a few good meetings I asked my direct linkedin contacts to make an intro to thier contacts.
Our experience is, if you are not well prepared, it will be really hard to get good meetings at Slush.

Last but not least
We miss such an event in Germany. The Finnish guys make the best out of their crisis and they invest a lot into startup business with software and tech background. Chapeau! for this event from my side.

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