Montag, 28. September 2015


The Startupnight event in Berlin.

Tailorstage was part of the Startupnight 2015. 160 startups has been selected to present themself in four different locations.

The startup Traxas ( supported us with their animation screens which attracted many people to visit our little booth. Tommy, Asli and Denice reprented our product, our safe flatrate service for young kids, and explained visitors how it works. Especially when people understood how we can turn a normal Android smartphone into a data safe kids playground, people were amazed about our product idea.

we have got some registrations for our product now, and soon we go live.

More information about startupnight Berlin:

Dienstag, 1. September 2015

Tailorstage at

At the end of this weekend, on Saturday the 5th of September, there is the startupnight here in Berlin. Everybody can enter this event for 5 Euro and talk to around 150 startups. We are part of this event and we are happy our product improves daily and we can present it to the audience and get direct feedback. We have prepared a questionnaire and we look forward to the live answers from the audience.

Part of the preparation was also that I have give an interview to the startup website, where it is possible to find an article about our product Tailorstage and

Final of Microsoft Accelerator

Druing the Gamescom we were invited to pitch at the Microsoft Accelerator program. So I just got back from the trip to Cologne, where we visited the two game shows Gamescom and Respawn, and I had to pitch to Marius Sewing and Kai Jäger from Microsoft. It was a five minutes pitch through Skype, and then a short Q&A.

A few days later we really got the answer to be at the final. we prepared ourself well and we presented mainly to the audience. There were VC's, other accelerators and of course some Microsoft managers who listened to our pitch. Afterwards we had to answer all their questions and we learnt we can improve some of our messages. At the end we didnt make it to the program.

But it was a great honor for us to be part of final members. We were able to learn a lot and we wish the winners the best to develop nice products inside this program.

Gamescom, Cologne 2015

We had a lot of interesting meetings and it was the first time we presented our new product Its a family friendly app, actually a "secure-kids-games-app-portal", based on a flatrate and available for Android handhelds.
The product is almost ready as a MVP, so we hope to be able to bring into the market very soon. Its a product where we want to preserve the worries of parents while their kids are using a mobile device and playing games or being in the internet.

Tailorstage at Respawn

I was invited to a panel which was moderated by Malte Behrmann. The topic of this panel was: "what comes after mobile OR the fututre of the mobile gaming ecosystem".

To make this panel as interesting as possible, Malte has invited a number of interesting guys from the gaming industry who have got a lot of experiences.

From the US Sean Kauppinen and Toshar Makhija and from Europe Erik Robertson and myself.

At this panel we raised some interesting points, for example the most accessible game console is now the smartphone. And we found out why some companies became so successful in the mobile games industry. And last but not least, we did also discuss the future of games monetisation.

It's worth listen to the panel: