Dienstag, 24. Mai 2016

Tailorstage will be the future of mobile gaming

Sound pretentious?

That might be true—but if you want some definite facts, here are a few. It is practically indisputable that developers have been booming in nearly all areas but one: making money. With the new ease with which games can be made, the world has seen a flurry of game products, so much so, that it is often impossible so that in order to become popular games have to charge very little or no money to play.

With many alternatives, it can seem next to impossible for all but the most popular games to find any way to make money. But did that have to happen? Can it change?
We aim not only to prove that it can, we aim change the industry in such a way that the customers will actually be happier paying to play their games than searching out free alternatives, and where a larger amount of profit can go to game developers.

Enter our gaming platform, where gamers pay a monthly subscription fee to receive an all-access pass. Kids get to play the best popular games, and also will have the opportunity to help the bestup-and-coming and indie games gain exposure and turn a profit more easily. This is a product to believe in.

Early just this spring we closed a deal with a game industry expert with who is creating the first global brand for such a game service under the name Ninplay. Ninplay aspires to be the next Netflix or Spotify, for mobile gaming. This Tailorstage-based platform will be available first in England, before branching out to countries around the world, from Russia to India, and beyond. Check out their website at Ninplay.com

We believe that our product has a flexible future building off of this success, and that the technology can be improved upon and more tightly focused in order to reach particular consumer groups. Our next stepping-stone is to add features to this platform to create a 2nd product; a game service that is directed at families - KANGULE.com, which will provide a new games environment for families, especially for families with little children, so that smartphones/tablets can function as a safe playground for little ones, and a fun one for all. These days, it is almost impossible to prevent kids from playing games on mobile devices. Helping them have an uplifting and positive introduction into the world of gaming, and helping parents to feel comfortable with the content is a simple, yet (we believe) an underrepresented market in gaming, and is the next stepping-off point for Tailorstage products.

Interested? Want more information? Contact us at info@tailorstage.com !

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