Dienstag, 1. September 2015

Tailorstage at Respawn

I was invited to a panel which was moderated by Malte Behrmann. The topic of this panel was: "what comes after mobile OR the fututre of the mobile gaming ecosystem".

To make this panel as interesting as possible, Malte has invited a number of interesting guys from the gaming industry who have got a lot of experiences.

From the US Sean Kauppinen and Toshar Makhija and from Europe Erik Robertson and myself.

At this panel we raised some interesting points, for example the most accessible game console is now the smartphone. And we found out why some companies became so successful in the mobile games industry. And last but not least, we did also discuss the future of games monetisation.

It's worth listen to the panel: voicerepublic.com/talks/what-comes-after-mobile-the-future-of-the-mobile-gaming-ecosystem

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