Dienstag, 1. September 2015

Final of Microsoft Accelerator

Druing the Gamescom we were invited to pitch at the Microsoft Accelerator program. So I just got back from the trip to Cologne, where we visited the two game shows Gamescom and Respawn, and I had to pitch to Marius Sewing and Kai Jäger from Microsoft. It was a five minutes pitch through Skype, and then a short Q&A.

A few days later we really got the answer to be at the final. we prepared ourself well and we presented mainly KAANGOO.club to the audience. There were VC's, other accelerators and of course some Microsoft managers who listened to our pitch. Afterwards we had to answer all their questions and we learnt we can improve some of our messages. At the end we didnt make it to the program.

But it was a great honor for us to be part of final members. We were able to learn a lot and we wish the winners the best to develop nice products inside this program.

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