Montag, 25. April 2016

Berlin Games Week

another year and many awesome events. Firstly we would like to thank to all the organisors of the different events of the Berlin Games week.

I had the opportunity to participate at different events, for example our company Tailorstage was invited to the indie area of the quo vadis conference. This year there was a new location selected, and most people said it was a right decission. We have seen many nice games and met many interesting people. Either this happened during the day while listening to interesting talks or the well organised night and side events. Either we learned more through a meeting at the Scandinavian embassy (organised by medianet) and listened to representatives of the Scandinavian and Baltic states what they have achieved in the last years with their gaming sectors and how they achieved this target..

Or we have simply been out to other matchmaking dinners and parties.

On Friday I visited the Amaze event, which also moved to another location. For example there was an interesting presentation about VR/AR games - where random people from the Amaze event played these games and really enjoyed it.

And in the evening and over the weekend there was the amaze exhibition with different games inside the urban spree building. Most of the games were able to play multiplayer and fun to watch people playing.

We had interesting meetings and a good time, especially it was the first time that we presented our new cooperation partner Ninplay. We hope soon to be able to give more details about our "Netflix but for mobile games" product.

Anyway, thanks to all for a great Berlin Games Week!!

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