Freitag, 29. April 2016

Android games on your PC and Laptop

NinPlay, like most mobile apps, from Viber to Candy Crush, though available for phone and tablet, can’t yet be downloaded for gaming on Laptop and PC computers. Why, you ask? Like social media, soft drinks, and Mr. Bean—PCs and Laptops don’t seem to be going anywhere in a hurry. It really makes you wonder if there isn’t some easy way to make a crossover possible.

Did you wonder about that? If so, this post is aimed at you.

Like most Current trends, where traditional operating systems don’t seem to play nice with app stores, Ninplay’s app, like many phone apps, might seem needlessly limited.  Luckily, the growth of smartphone and tablet usage in the last few years has seen the advent of emulator services for just such apps as NinPlay. Because our technology is an account based service, NinPlay is able to run on emulators, and you can keep your save data across your devices.

For the 46% of us that still use a laptop or desktop computer as a primary means of internet access*, we recommend a flexible desktop emulator like BlueStacks ©, which will let you gain access to not only NinPlay, but all your mobile apps. And if you, like us, prefer to get away from the freemium services, check out other emulators that offer ad free services, like Andyroid, as well.

Bluestacks is largely designed around mobile gaming, and is thus quick to install and easy to use for these purposes. Just download the app from our website, and start downloading your games. Be aware, though, that Bluestacks will encourage you to buy their full version, and if you choose to use their free version you will be required to download their apps from time to time to continue to use their services.

Andyroid, while a little more is involved in terms of steps needed to install, also has a great support team on their Facebook, which effectively functions as their tech support page. It, like BlueStacks, also includes great functionality, but is free to use, and unlike BlueStacks doesn’t make you download apps to your computer.

Check out their home pages:

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